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Does Mintar use sustainable sourced wood for its tables?

The tables of Mintar are made of Suar wood; This raintree grows in most tropical areas and grows fast, up to 1.5 meters per year. Because it is a common wood species, this is not a protected species. Often, these trees are harvested to make room for, infrastructure like roads or housing or even for smaller trees to continue growing. In addition, the use of these trees in the furniture industry prevents these trees from being burned by the local population. Our table tops also have the ‘Indonesian Legal wood’ certificate indicating that the trees used for our tabletops have been legally harvested.

Can I see the table tops before buying?

Of course you can see our table tops in real life. For the possibilities, please contact us via the contact form. We will direct you to a dealer in your area!

As a consumer, can I order a table directly from Mintar?

As a consumer, it is not possible to order a table directly from Mintar. We would like to refer you to a dealer in your area. If you are interested in a certain table top, you can also choose to request a quote. After submitting the form, you will receive a quotation from a Mintar dealer near you, without any obligation. That is also why it’s important that you enter your place of residence when you request a quote.

What is the best way to finish table tops?

Deponti slab tables can be finished using various methods, and the best treatment depends on your preferences and wishes. Are you happy with the colour of the table top? Would you like to keep the table op matt or varnished? Would you mind if the table top suffers signs of use, or would you like to protect it as much as possible? Will the table be used inside or outside? If you know what you want, you can easily seek advice from your Deponti dealer.

Are the table tops of Mintar also suitable for outside?

The Mintar slab tabletops can be used both inside and outside. Seek advice from your Mintar dealer about how to best treat the table top when you want to use it outside. Without treatment of the table top the sun and rain will weather the wood. You can prevent this by treating the table top with varnish or oil containing a UV blocker.

How do I maintain my table and prevent cracks?

Wood, in particular the one-part slab tables are a natural product. Cracks and imperfections in colour and shape can occur and also appear later and disappear again. A slab table is very sensitive to changes in weather conditions and in particular the humidity in the area. That is why we recommend keeping an eye on the humidity in your house. Does your house have central heating? If so, water bins attached to the central heating could be a simple solution. Another option could be a humidifier, to maintain a stable climate in your house.

To reduce the number of cracks to a minimum, we carefully dry the tables and apply metal pins in the width of the tabletops, to prevent cracks where possible. Cracks and imperfections that occur later, are no grounds for reclamation.